According to Press Council data, there are 47.000 mass media in Indonesia*

  • 93% is Online Media, 4% is Printed Media, the rest 2% is Electronic Media*
  • Don’t forget to count the comments from social media
  • Do you able to gathered data and compile those contents?
  • Could you pull connecting line across mainstream and social media?
  • Which person and entities related to you the most?
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Why Us?


  • 1st platform in integrating data from Mainstream & Social Media


  • Unlimited data stream: Grabs more than 20k data within a day
  • Unlimited Media: Crawl over 500 credible printed and online media
  • Gather data from Print, Online, Broadcast & Social Media


  • Pull data within 10 minutes
  • Prevent a crisis with cut down on response time


  • Our developed AI accurately assign sentiment on each data


  • Better mapping campaigns to specific business objectives or organization
  • Our ontology helps you find connected entity, most influence person and location related to you
  • Gain market intelligence by tracking your competitors and key topics within your industry

Our Board

Sapto Anggoro - CEO

Starting his career as a young journalist in Surabaya Post, until he decided to move to Jakarta as a journalist in Republika. He then countinued his carrier to He became a key journalist and hold deputy of chief journalist soon after. However, SAP as he often called not just known as a journalist. He sharpened his business skill as GM Sales and finally held position as Director of Operations (2011). Not Suprisingly, with an extensive network and familiar in business and oranizational activities he became Secretary General of APJII from 2012 to 2015. On 2016, he was became co-founder of Tirto.ID

Teguh Budi Santoso - COO

Started career as journalist since 1999, TBS - his famously known nickname, is full with editorial experience in almost all areas of reportage. Started from Entertainment news, Political events, Sports, Economy and Information Technology. At the end of his career at, he was trusted to handle their content development business core. Then, he started a new challenge to initiate Binokular until now On 2016, he was became co-founder of Tirto.ID

Nur Samsi - CTO

He graduated from Computer Polytechnic IPB. He started his carrier in In a short period, he had become a leading programmer. To pursue and gain more experience, he then worked in various multinational companies in software development and deployment. He spent most of his time working on foreign projects, until he returned to raise Binokular.

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PT. Binokular Media Utama

Binokular, or Bino as we call it, was founded based on the idea of the massive and widespread access of information in this digital era. It’s too numerous, so that the existing filtering system is not enough to find the content that suits best to the needs of a customer. Moreover, online lifestyle in Indonesia has only touched 20% of the entire population.

Just look at the online life in the print media (especially newspaper). From a total of about 150's daily newspapers published in Indonesia, only 15% of them own website. The number is even smaller if we only count the one which manages and updates the website well.

In fact, media is opinion maker instrument. Opinion will have the image effect on product, corporation, or institution. Sure it would be easier to manage the issue if the product owner know earlier about the issues or news that spread in the community, either through mainstream medias or new medias such as Facebook, Twitter, mailing lists, blogs, forums, or as we call it: the social media.

Binokular was founded to answer that challenge. Our system will filter and monitor online and offline relevant informations, custom to your request and then present them to you in a digestible form to assist you in decision making.

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